No Need to Cut Remaining Thread

No bird nest when start sewing, end sewing remaining thread is short within 3mm. Auto lockstitch avoid loose stitch, no need to cut remaining thread, save time and cost.

No Oil, No Trouble , Clean and Durable

No Oil, No Trouble, Clean and Durable

With carbonado needle bar and thread take-up lever, lubricate by solid grease keep fabric clean; Sealing oil pan avoid dust get inside keep better and clean lubrication.

Coaxial Driving , Stable and Quiet

Coaxial Driving, Stable and Quiet

Reduce moment of driving, sewing stable and quiet, more durable.

Voice Guide, Oil Alarm

Voice Guide, Oil Alarm

Automatic alarm when oil is less or too much, avoid machine stuck or oil leakage. Also equipped with one button reset function and voice guide.